About us

About Open Access Journals

Open Access Journals has been found with a genuine mission of giving free access to quality scholarly research journals and dissertations to everyone in need and impacting countless people in the process. We know it’s tough to get hands-on educational journals that pack a punch. We give you the tools so that you can have the advantage and be smarter by learning a bit more. We will provide you with links to open research journals, be it medical, agricultural.dental or any else so that you can easily access them. Open access journal’s mission is to increase the visibility, accessibility, reputation, usage, and impact of quality, peer-reviewed, open access scholarly research journals globally, regardless of discipline, geography or language.

 OAJ is continually finding new ways to deliver on our mission: to help people harness the power of research and information free of cost.


What are we?

We are an organization that is bent on providing you with the best possible way for you to attain free access to knowledge. We are your friends trying to help you push your boundaries farther than ever. We are an ally in your quest to increase the amount of free information you can attain. We are a way to save money while finding a better way to attain as much information and knowledge possible. We are a platform through which you can access open journals freely and contact publishers for your research journal



What we do?

Have you ever wondered how much of your potential is hindered due to you shelling out senseless money on information that can be accessed for free? We have special services to help you do exactly that. Open Access Journals is a directory of open access journals and journals with some kind of open access to their materials. We created a way to promote the free availability of full-text scholarly journals on the internet. We aim to be the prime point of access for all information searches for quality, peer-reviewed open access material. Open Access Journal also lets you connect with publishers of scholarly journals without paying any kind of charge. We provide access to journals that provide free documents immediately upon publication, with no delay.



Why we started Open Access Journals?

We believe in the idea of helping people to learn so that they can make informed decisions and help themselves. We wanted to play an instrumental role in expanding the reach of research data in real-time, which in turn helps in furthering the research. We wanted to help people around us who were suffering from high prices for scholarly research journals. They couldn’t do anything about it. They were in a losing battle. So we decided to help them. We decided to create OAJ so that they could fight and even win this battle against charged access to information. We believe that we can do a better job of providing free access to scholarly journals that could genuinely help people We want to provide a platform for "Open Access" to the research information concerning diversified fields of science and technology. We are committed to being 100% independent and maintaining all of its services and metadata as free to use or reuse for everyone.


Why we are different?

We pride ourselves on being different from the status quo. We incorporate the ability to provide free access to scholarly journals with our quest to publish quality scientific journals on our own. We believe in some values and we make sure that those values are represented in our work. These values are:

  • Hard work – We work hard towards our goals. Our goal of helping as many people as we can and getting as many free journals online for consumption as we can.
  • Quality - We believe that quality is the ultimate differentiator. We want to surpass the limits.
  • Integrity - We make sure that you receive as much information as you can for free.


We want to promote knowledge dissemination. We want to promote free access to information. We want to help. We are Open Access Journals.